What took me so long to get into social media?
That can become a loooong story, if I accede to my tendency to get distracted.
Oh look! Shiny!

I would describe myself as a techno-savvy Luttite.  Don’t get me wrong — Science, math and music are my loves, and I have no fear of them.  But anyone with a lick of sense should have respect for any tool — be it fire, or a 10-ton metal press.  I tread very slowly and carefully around new technologies.

In a personal example, I worked at a nationally-recognized software and technology laboratory when EBT was initiated (somewhere during the Pleistocene).  An excellent idea, as we moved towards a paperless (HAH!) society — until you read the fine print.  What few realized, was that when one signs up for EBT, one also signs away the right for the company to withdraw funds from your account, if the company judges there was an error in payroll transfer.  Knowing full well how software can really screw up, I let every one else be the beta-tester for EBT. And believe me, there were a few horror stories of lost paychecks, unexplained withdrawals of funds by the company, and so on.  I didn’t sign up for EBT until it had a nice soaking period of 2 years, and the company no longer gave us a choice. I felt strangely vindicated.

Technology is cool, but I am VERY choosy about what I dive into. And social media is definitely in that category. Like any tool, it has potential for great good, or irrevocable harm. It can be a force for social justice, or it can pander to the lowest of the low. Or worse, make it more tempting for society’s neanderthals to sink even lower.

See? I got distracted! Shiny!