Allow me to recount a recent writing adventure. I’m currently writing a series of short stories, based on tales I’ve crafted and told at the LVSG Story Circle. In parallel with that, GLVWG is collecting short stories for an anthology. I figure, more publishing equals more good!
Okay, the stage is set, and there’s motivation aplenty.

Last Tuesday, I got an idea for a nice & creepy horror short story.
On Wednesday, I fine tuned the plot points and rehearsed it.
On Wednesday evening, I presented it on stage at the LVSG Story Circle.
On Thursday I wrote the piece, with all the usual revision and edit passes (see my previous ‘In Praise of Talking to Myself’ blog entry).
On Thursday evening, I read the first 600 words at the GLWVG Writer’s Cafe.

In the space of those three days, in a heady whirlwind of story crafting, writing and editing, I think I experienced something akin to “runner’s high”. I look forward to experiencing that again, and as often as possible! I think I finally grok the attraction (addiction?) of writing.

As for the story, the working title of which is ‘Eight’ – It was well received at the Story Circle, one person giving a thumbs-up to the ending, another saying it would make an excellent one-man one-act play.  At the Writer’s Cafe, there was again a high level of interest and kudos, including one author comparing it to Poe.
Exactly what I was aiming for (with maybe a touch of H.P.Lovecraft)!

Since that blisteringly fast three-day sprint, I’ve sent it to my beta readers and an editor. So far, the feedback continues to be very positive.
Careful Chris, or your head might not fit through the door…
Wish me luck!