Hello – I’m baa-a-a-ackk!
My goodness, I haven’t done my blog for over a month! Where does the time speed away to? At least this time, I have an excuse — as probably so do very many other shirkers at this time of year…

I was away in the steamy (frozen) swamps of Montgomery Alabama, visiting the family for the holidays. My Dad doesn’t have a computer, hence no internet either, and his house is in a spot where cell phone reception has barely one bar on a sunny day. And it was grey and cold for all but one afternoon.

However, while down there I still managed to sell and sign a few copies of my book. Oooh – does that mean I can write off my travel as a business expense!?
Naaah… probably not.

I took a few books and my laptop in case things got boring. I figured I could squeeze in some light reading, or work on whatever writing I could crowbar in. Hah! Plenty of food, family and festivities torpedoed most of my planned productiveness. I only read 1/6 of ‘The Innocents Abroad’ by Twain, and made zero progress on crafting my short stories. The only bright spot in my writing efforts during the furlough far below the Mason-Dixon Line was that I did manage to outline the prologue and 1st three chapters of Pindlebryth II.

Notable eateries we frequented in and around Montgomery included Dreamland (barbecue) and Kabuki (hibachi). But the best eating experience (other than my sis-in-law’s cooking) was at Noodles Cafe (thai). It’s a hole in the wall Ma&Pa operation, which is a big plus in my book. We fortuitously happened to come in during a large Thai family’s celebration in the back. So in addition to the excellent meals we ordered — mine was a red curry bowl that was divine and spiced perfectly! — the house gave us soup and hors d’oeuvres that were made especially for the family party. Authentic cooking is a treat I always relish, and I was blown away by the flavors and generosity!

Aw, crud! I just remembered – we never got to Bruster’s (ice cream)! Rats!

Did I tell you my grand-niece is as cute as button!?