It may be 7 months before November, but it’s time I gave thanks. Specifically, to those who have been so helpful to me in my fledgling authorship.

Christine A. Bush — Chrissy is always a ray of sunshine, and an almost endless well of knowledge and experience. Always a smile, always a kind thought, always a word of encouragement.

D.T. Krippene — A true maven of social media, conversant in almost every form and forum. Dan is a true believer in its power to connect and increase an author’s exposure. I am constantly picking up tidbits from his table, and trying to put them into practice.

Bart Palamaro — Bart is one of the dynamos of GLVWG. I first met him at GLVWG’s Writer’s Cafe, which he moderates every month. His feedback on cold readings of my first attempts at writing was pivotal in the selection of my current path. His additional critiques over the years of my work is much appreciated, and continues to be spot on.
He also presented a workshop on CreateSpace, which gave me most of the information I needed to self-publish Pindlebryth. Bart will be giving an updated version of this presentation at GLVWG’s upcoming Write Stuff writer’s conference. If you are attending this conference and are interested in self-publishing, I highly recommend taking this workshop. Most recently, Bart used this knowledge, to assemble the work of all the authors and produce the GLVWG anthology due out this month.

Rebecca Bartlett — The group leader of the GLVWG anthology effort. Kudos to her for corralling 27 authors and many others into a cohesive group, and guiding the self-publishing exercise along (creation, editing, formatting, more editing, promotion) — thereby helping not only myself, but everyone involved in the anthology process.

It is unbelievably generous and dedicated people like these, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. I think the best way I can pay them back for their efforts, is to follow their example.