GLVWG Writes Stuff,” an anthology published by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers’ Group, is finally out!  Containing 27 short stories and 14 essays from various members, it includes my horror/suspense short story, “Eight.”
Other published authors of fiction contributing to this noteworthy effort include:
Rebecca Bartlett, John Evans, Phil Giunta, Keith Keffer, Suzanne Grieco Mattaboni, Megan McKnight, David A. Miller II, and Bernadette Sukley.  I especially doff my cap to Rebecca Bartlett and Bart Palamaro, for successfully wrangling all the contributors into a cohesive unit.

After reading the book, I find my personal favorites are (and modesty prevents me from including my own story *snicker*):
“Bug Girl” M. Crunkleton-Clark — A schoolyard meeting between a boy and the weirdest girl in class.
“My New Shiny” Phil Giunta — A homeless man releases something from a bottle, and it ain’t a genie.
“Support Hell” Keith Keffer — A day in the life(?) at the Hell-p desk.
“Towards Tortuga” Steve Sora — A vacation getaway gone horribly wrong.

Two books down, many more to come!