I am wrapping up work on my latest book, an anthology of “disturbed and disturbing” short stories I pitched to several agents at the 2015 ‘Write Stuff’ conference. In addition to the re-writes and edits from critique groups and beta-reader feedback I am cycling through, I am also working on the illustrations that will grace the end of every story.

One of my hobbies that I turned into a vocation was computer animation. I use LightWave3D to create and render the scene, then run it through any number of publicly available converters to realize it in the form of a pencil/ink/charcoal drawing. I am quite excited about the results, and have gotten a skid-load of positive feedback on them. My favorite comment:  “Gosh, Chris.  What kind of nightmares do you have?”

Here for example, is one of the pending illustrations:

lits_testThanks to DT Krippene for suggesting that I blog this.