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Hello fellow Novel Covid19 huddlers! I hope you are all doing well. And to those who aren’t, I hope that you are doing as best you can, given the circumstances.

As for myself, I try to do the best I can, whenever I can. At least that’s the goal — I confess some days are less successful than others. But during this extended period of self-quarantining, I’ve outdone myself. Zowie!

Under my belt over the past four months are these sets of mini-milestones:

  • Health
    • Both knees replaced. I’m walking again! Stairs are no longer my nemesis! Woohoo! On the other hand, I lost my excuse to not mow the lawn. Awwww…
  • Writing
    • Learned Libre Office to replace my previous writing software.
    • Completed work with my diversity editor for my YA urban-fantasy/horror My Friend Jackson. I am still on target to release for late fall in 2020!
    • Completed edits for my short story Goats in the Machine, slated for the Bethlehem Writers Group’s next anthology Feathers, Fur & Scales.
The next anthology from the Bethlehem Writers Group
  • Music
    • Learned MidiEditor software
    • Learned LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) software
    • Learned several VST (Virtual Studio Technology) instruments
    • Edited MIDI recordings from 1984 and 1996
    • Learned Finale and Musescore3 sheet music software

All this, to achieve the goal of submitting my compositions for piano and organ to the archives of the Moravian Music Foundation. Submission requires both a recording and sheet music. Software was my best path, as my penmanship becomes truly stercoraceous after the third line.
I am happy to report that both of my first two pieces have been accepted by the archives! I guess that means I am now officially a part of history?

  • Video
    • Learned Kdenlive, Olive, Openshot, and Shotcut video editors .(Hasta la Vista and good riddance Adobe Premiere!) I chose Kdenlive as it is the most versatile, and works on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

All this, to craft the first of many videos slated for my new YouTube channel. I hope to produce more videos of my music, and many, many videos of yours truly reading my own short fiction and performing my storytelling stints.

What’s next for the Author with Too Many Damn Interests? I need to purchase a new Linux workhorse PC to replace my poor dead Windows-XP monster machine. (At least it was a musclebound beast when I bought it in 2007. Thirteen years was an excellent run!)

Once that’s up and running, then I continue the progression of switching to Open Source versions of my software. Most notably, Blender will replace my beloved LightWave3D. Bon voyage and thanks for the memories old friend, but it’s on to bigger and better things. Why do I do this? Besides my animation work, I need a 3D modeling and rendering software to create my book covers. My Friend Jackson is coming this fall, remember?

Woof. I need more coffee!

So dear reader… What tools do you like to use for writing, music, and graphic arts? Let me know in your comments. Especially if you’re a Linux believer!

Next installment of my blog – the Handicapper General Diana Moon Glampers comes after me. She is convinced that I am achieving too much.