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My Friend Jackson
Christopher D. Ochs
Pre-Order 9/15/20
Available 10/1/20

Last week, a good friend and I discussed my upcoming book, My Friend Jackson, and the reviews it has garnered. So far, it’s all good news…
Early reviews are in and they’re all ★★★★★!

However, I’ve sent out 50+ requests to book bloggers and professional reviewer services, so there’s no guarantee that my winning streak will continue. Here’s hoping… and what a segue!

My friend — who prefers being identified as “Kikuchiyo” — and I share the same wicked sense of punnery. So it was no surprise that when we locked onto the subject of reviews that “damn with faint praise,” and use phrases that are jam-packed with double entendre, we kept ourselves entertained for at least ten minutes. Here are the ones I can remember, with minimal explanation. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

  • “I can’t say enough about this book!” — ( … all of it bad! )
  • “Everyone needs to know about this book!” — ( … so they don’t buy it! )
  • “In a category by itself!” — ( … you get the idea by now … )
  • “Words fail me” — (Because I can’t find a socially acceptable way to say ‘@#$%’.)
  • “Critics are raving” — (Ahh, so that’s why they always say this for terrible movies!)
  • “I can’t give this book enough stars!” — (Because there’s no such thing as negative stars.)
  • “I can’t put this book down!” — (If I do, the author’s lawyers will serve me with a libel summons.)
  • “The author is at the top of his form!” — (Because it’s only upward from rock bottom!)
  • “His magnum opus – a monumental effort” — (It’s the literary version of ‘piled higher and deeper.’)

So “go out in a buying frenzy (–Michael Nesmith)” and read My Friend Jackson. And don’t forget to post a review!