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There is NOT enough coffee!

Hey there, readers!
Apologies for not blogging for a while, but I’ve been so busy with so many events! Both good and not-so-good.
The bad first:
Life rolled a small crate of lemons my family’s way in October with the passing of my Dad. I’ve also been caregiver for my 15-yr old adopted puppy, who has turned diabetic and blind. But everyone is content and at peace.

The good news:
Health – I’m alive; I got my vaccinations; I can walk again! Though I could stand to lose the mass tonnage gained during the knee operations and Covid19.
Home – Let the remodeling begin! Stage 1 is gonna be a challenge for my patience and my wallet. But at the end, I’ll have a whole new basement, an extra bedroom and 1/2 bath, and a new home office.
Work“My Friend Jackson” was published! It was a Finalist in Indies Today’s Best Books of 2020. I’m still waiting to hear if it makes its mark in three other competitions; Two more of my short stories were published in new anthologies – “Writes of Passage” by GLVWG, and my first paying gig in Firebringer Press’s “Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity.”
I have several short stories trying to wheedle their way into the hearts of several magazines and anthologies;
Juggling amongst all that, I’m also working on two sci-fi/horror novels “Sentry of Eternity” and “No Place Like Home”;
All of which you can keep track of on my website.

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