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Normally, I don’t do resolutions. But since the past few years have been anything but ordinary, maybe it’s time to fall in line with the trend. I think I have good chance to achieve all these resolutions:

  • Publish a short story in a magazine.
  • Edit my short fiction “Man of His Word” for 2022’s BWG anthology “Element of Mystery”
  • Publish in at least one other anthology.
  • Crank out at least one book. Finish the draft, and get as far into editing and searching for a agent/publisher as time allows.
  • Produce an audiobook!
  • Resume a healthy lifestyle, and lose my Covid-19 weight.
“Man of His Word”
in BWG’s 7th Anthology!

Resolutions that I don’t hold out much hope for…

  • Invent a new sport called “Ochsball”.
  • Overthrow the government of a country. I think I’ll start small, probably Nauru or Tuvalu. Whichever has the least number of insects. Or spiders.
  • Finish a self-paced course on auto-appendectomy.
  • Learn scuba diving, and visit R’lyeh.
  • Dump a bottle of Rogaine on Jeff Bezo’s head.

Wish me luck!