Early in my writing career, I could not listen to music while I wrote my stories of epic fantasy, sci-fi, horror and weird tales. Nothing, nada, nix. The reason being that I am a person with several areas of interest.

If you’ve read my bio in various locations on the web, anthologies and book backcovers, you’d know I have a few musical talents. I’m a professionally trained classical organist. I’ve contributed a couple of pieces to the Moravian Music Foundation, with more on the way. Not to mention my voice training, which has enabled me to keep a range of almost 3 whole octaves on a good day (C2 to B4) after all my years.
Making a long story short, music is as much my creative language as English is.

As a result, for the longest time, music of any genre and writing time were mutually exclusive. I would easily be distracted by thoughts of “that’s a cool chord change,” “Ooh! Polychords!” “How did they get that synth texture?” and a bazillion other interruptions as I was trying to hammer out the next chapter.

With the passing of time, things slowly changed. I can now read and edit with almost any music playing, as long as the volume is low enough. And this past year, I discovered I can finally write while music floats out of my computer speakers.

But not any music. I still require there be no vocals. As soon as I hear a voice singing words, my language centers try to multitask, and get tangled. If I can change the station fast enough, my writing muse is not scared away.

This past year, I’ve been listening to internet radio. I can’t listen to my 500-CD library and streams, because I will sing along to it, losing any hope of writing for an hour or so. For quite a while now,I find I’ve been listening almost exclusively to SOMA-fm (www.somafm.com). Specifically their Groove Salad, Groove Salad Classic, Secret Agent, and Deep Space channels.
Ambient with minimal voices. Sheer bliss! I really must send them a donation and get one of their cool T-shirts.

Here’s the music on SOMA I’ve earmarked during 2022, with the intention getting my own copy in 2023. Not just for listening, but for study in the creation of my own piano/organ/synth compositions.

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Animal FirepowerNylons
Audio LotionFarewell To Vesper
DeepSmokers Delight
Edge Of The UniverseThe Synthetics
Elemental JourneyThe Band From Atlantis
Fragile StatePanacea
France DomUrban Haze
Global Communication14:31 (Ob-selon Mi-Nos)
Harbor Tea RoomsMidnight Hour
Higher Intelligence AgencySkank
IncognitoI Can See The Future
Keston And WestdalNebula
Kick BongLandscape (Cydelix Remix)
MauxuamSounds A Lot
ModuleEmpty Space Missing Units
Nacho SotomayorInterior
New DealThen And Now
OttJoyful Wonder
Polished ChromeIn The Garden
Poly VinylMargaritta
PretzTexas Exhale
PromiskEyes Like Sun
QuantSauna Grease
SecedeLeraine (Feat. Kettel)
Sounds From The GroundA Thousand Colours
TelepopmusikDon’t Look Back
Thomas Lemmer & Andreas BachGreater Love (Gold Lounge Remix)
A Walk
Ulrich SchnaussMolfsee
I Take Comfort in Your Ignorance (Tycho Remix)
YonderboiI Am Cgi